Tawa Influence Hub Influencers: Sisters diary

  • Full name: Arij & yassmine
  • Age: 20-23
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Status: Influencer
  • Instagram: Sisters Diary

As the name indicates Yasmine & Arij are two sisters who share their day to day life with their followers as some sort of diary. This sisterhood relationship that is full of unconditional love & experiences made everyone know and swear by the love of Arij & Yasmine to each other.

Their daily lifes and relationship so raw and full of sincerity (and sometimes cute little fights ) shows the complicity between the two of them. This complicity that most of Tunisian youth share with their siblings and that are shown through their daily stories, draws everyone from different ages to follow these experiences and esepcially take advantages of the good deals they offer to their community

Numbers wise, the sisters have more than 163k followers on their common account and being active on TikTok also, they count more than 23.4K followers. These numbers prove that they are one of the most followed and loved influencers in Tunisia in the time being, and we can totally see why!

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