Tawa Influence Hub Influencers: Yassine

  • Full name: Yassine Sondes
  • Age: 27
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Status: Youtuber, Influencer
  • Instagram: Yassine Sondes
  • Youtube Channels: Ti 3leh

Yassine Sondes is a Tunisian Youtuber & Content Creator. He engages with his community almost daily to talk about critical social issues and news targeting youth. Yassine Started his career on the internet by co-creating the famous channel Ti 3leh with Sami Chaffai. The videos of this channel did so well that Yassine became one of the most known YouTubers in Tunisia, competing with older and more established YouTubers of the time. Ti 3leh has 322K followers, and the videos reach 500k on average.

Nowadays, Yassine is very active on Instagram, where he interacts with his community and 117k followers to share insightful content, tips, funny stories, and basically his daily life with his surroundings. The way Yssine’s followers support him and follow him allowed Yassine to keep making achievements. Maybe one of them is becoming the Goodwill Ambassador of the European Union in Tunisia. According to his fans, Yassine merits this title seeing how he motivates youth, keeps them updated and involved in social issues, all while maintaining the light and fun tone that made Ti 3leh content go viral in the first place.

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